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Academic Personnel Development

In the field of academic personnel development, our department offers extensive services in interdisciplinary competency and career development for a career within the academia as well as for non-academic professional fields.

Our consulting, qualification, coaching and mentoring services serve to systematically improve transdisciplinary competency and support researchers in identifying their own potential and interests, reflecting on their individual career goals and making self-determined decisions for their own professional development. Our network activities encourage diverse perspectives and connections within as well as outside the academic field and help prepare for future work in science, industry and society.

Our offers in personnel development take into account the specificities of the academic system as well as the specific needs of our target groups, aligned to the respective career phases. Our target groups include:

  • Doctoral researchers in transition to the postdoc phase
  • Researchers in the early postdoc phase
  • Researchers in the advanced postdoc phase incl. candidates for habilitation, junior research group leaders, junior professors and tenure-track professors


In addition, we are working on a steady improvement of the university framework conditions and career path structures as well as the execution of binding quality standards by developing strategic concepts based on current scientific research. In doing so, we reflect on the requirements of established and new academic career profiles and act on university policy in national and international networks.

The further development of the tenure-track professorship is a focus here, as are career paths beyond the professorship that consider the increased expectations of the university as a whole. The aim is to create a personnel structure that is gender- and diversity-sensitive and that values not only research potential, but also teaching, transfer and scientific communication as well as leadership skills more strongly than before as crucial qualifications in internal university career.