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Qualification Programme for Postdoctoral Researchers

Overview Summer Term 2024

 Workshop Postdoc SoSe 2024


Target Groups

  • Postdoctoral researchers as soon as their dissertation is submitted up to the point of taking over the first full professorship
  • Habilitation candidates
  • Junior professors
  • Junior research group leaders


Workshop Offers

Current Qualification Programme

The qualification programme of the Academic Personnel Development prepares you for your future career both inside and outside of academia.

The programme addresses postdoctoral researchers who are on their way to a professorship and postdoctoral researchers who are thinking about a non-academic career path. Even if you have not made a decision yet whether to leave or to remain in academia, we offer you support, help you to recognize and promote your potential, and guide you along in your career decisions.

We want to enable you to meet the following objectives:

  • Career Orientation and decision making
  • Management and leadership skills
  • Qualification for leadership positions
  • Improvement of your chances in job applications
  • Education on research practice


We offer workshops, coaching, and career consultation specifically for postdocs who are working on a research project to take the next step toward a professorship. We support you in your preparation for future responsibilities in research, the industry, or other institutions. Our program is structured around the following competence areas:

  • Management, Leadership, and Health
  • Career Orientation and Planning
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Research Skills, Teaching Skills, and Research Funding
  • Counseling

Please familiarize yourself with our conditions for participation when signing up for a course.

To ensure that the program meets the needs of postdoctoral researchers, we welcome all feedback and requests. We ask participants to fill in an evaluation form at the end of each of our workshops and we are also happy to receive general suggestions for improvement at any time via .




We offer coaching sessions for postdoctoral researchers. Together with professional coaches postdocs can reflect on their career development options, conflicts, and important decisions as well as on questions about their work/life balance. Please find more information here.


Next to our workshop program and coaching, we also want to provide you with opportunities to get in touch with each other and with key contact persons from the university and other employers. Please feel free to read up on our various formats for networking here.

Financial Support for Childcare

In cooperation with the University of Freiburg’s Family Service, we offer financial support for childcare to all postdoctoral researchers who want to take part in our program.

If you require childcare support, please write a short email to indicating the workshop you want to visit and an estimation of the costs.

We need information on the amount of hours, costs per hour and the overall amount as well as the childcare facility. Please note that we can only accept invoices from professional childcare providers, but not from private persons.

For more information on childcare facilities, please feel free to contact Ellen Biesenbach at the Family Service: 

For further information or general questions on this service, please get in touch with Dr. Ramona Wurst via or telephone at +49 761 203-6815.



To receive all information about our program as well as relevant information from other institutions within and outside the university, sign up for the postdoc newsletter. You can either fill in our form or sign up at MyAccount.


Standards of Quality Assurance

The concept and organization of our services are subject to both our requirement for high quality and our target-group orientation. The Qualification Program for Postdocs supports researchers at the University of Freiburg in gaining and improving competencies that are important for their postdoctoral studies. Furthermore, we provide multiple formats to allow postdoctoral researchers to ideally plan their careers. All services are conceptualized by taking into account the quality of contents and their didactic/methodical nature as we are committed to high-quality standards and continuous quality assurance.

We create target-group-specific services based on our long-standing experience in providing qualifications for doctoral candidates (since 2009) and for postdoctoral researchers (since 2015), regular monitoring of demands, and a complete program evaluation.

Our course instructors are highly qualified and experienced experts in their fields. They are either very familiar with academia or they have high expertise regarding career opportunities outside of academia. Courses are practical, target-group-oriented, implementation-focused, and delivered on a high didactic/methodical level.

The quality of each service is assured and evaluated by both the participants and instructors. Each course evaluation is subject to data privacy and protection. We discuss the evaluation results with the respective instructors, thereby guaranteeing the continuous development of our services/courses. The concept of our Qualification Program is based on all kinds of participant feedback (wishes, criticism, demands). The needs and opinions of the participants are the key assets of our program development and advancement. Therefore, we want to encourage you to send your feedback to!


Offers from External Providers

Here you can find a selection of offers from other providers. Please note: The conditions for participation and rules of the particular providers apply. The Academic Staff Development is not responsible for the content, organization, and quality of the offers.


Freiburg Research Services

Freiburg Research Services comprises the International Graduate Academy (IGA), the EU Office, the Science Support Centre (SSC), and the area of Research Partnerships and Structures (RPS). The Freiburg Research Services support researchers of the University of Freiburg regarding all questions related to research funding. As a central service, they also offer support and guidance for the research infrastructures and centers at the university.


Center for Teaching at the University of Freiburg ("Hochschuldidaktik und digiale Lehrentwicklung")

An overview of all events provided by the Center for Teaching can be found here.


Founders' Office ("Gründerbüro")

You will find an overview of all events provided by the Founders' Office here.


An overview of all events provided by the Abteilung Hochschuldidaktik der Universität Freiburg can be found here.


Courses at the Language Center

At the Language Center of the University of Freiburg, you are offered a wide variety of language courses that all members of the university are free to participate in. Please find an overview here. You also have the chance to use the Language Laboratory, which you have access to via your UniCard. If you are a visiting scholar without a UniCard, please get in touch with to arrange your access to the offers of the Language Center.


Offers for Postdocs at the Faculty of Medicine

Postdocs conducting research at the Faculty of Medicine are welcome to use the offers at their faculty. Please feel free to get in touch with the research management team at the Faculty of Medicine.



EIRA Mentoring is targeted at medical doctors and researchers at the Medical Faculty, who aim to do a "Habilitation." The mentoring programme consists of three elements:

  1. Meetings of the mentee and mentor
  2. Leadership qualification training
  3. Networking among the mentees



Kite - a mentoring program for female doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers

kite-mentoring is a mentoring programme in English. Participation in the programme is open for female doctoral candidates and postdocs in physics, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, computer science, engineering, biology, and medicine.
The kite-mentoring programme comprises three pillars: mentoring, training, and networking, however, not all mentees necessarily have to attend events of all three pillars.