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Our program is not only designed to support you in the development of your soft skills, but it also offers you opportunities to network with other postdocs and to get to know key contact people at the university of Freiburg and beyond.

Do you have some ideas or do you want to actively participate? Don't hesitate to get in touch via email () or phone +49 (0)761 203-6815.


Finding Your Way: Suggestions for Planning your Career

Target Group:

Doctoral candidates and pstdoctoral researchers



During the winter term we offer a series of events to provide you with some suggestions for planning your own career. The events leave enough room for your own questions around the specific topic.

To get an overview pf the events during the winter term 2021/22 please see our Webseite.


Virtuelle Unternehmensbesuche in der Region (virtual company visits)

Target Group:

Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers



Are you thinking about changing career paths and working in non-academic sectors?In our series virtual company visits we introduce you to different companies in the area around Freiburg and you can learn more about the companie's culture, a typical work day and the structure of the company.

During the winter term 2021/22 we are happy to announce the following companies: Fraunhaufer IWM Freiburg, SICK AG Waldkirch and Roche


 Networking in Times of Corona

Target group:

Doctoral candidates and postdocs



Do you want to make connections with other researchers even during the ongoing pandemic? Do you miss meeting new people and exchanging ideas and experiences? Do you want to keep your networking skills sharp during this unusual time? Freiburg Research Services is hosting an online networking event open to talk about these topics. Possible discussion topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Arriving at the Uni (new job or PhD)
  • Well-being/Work-life balance
  • Networking at virtual conferences
  • Tips against Corona-fatigue
  • Meeting new people


Come join us in a relaxed atmosphere on Thursday, March 25 from 17:30 to 19:00h via Zoom.



To register for the event, please sign up via HisInOne (doctoral candidates) or send an email to (postdocs). You will then be sent a link to participate. See you there!


Lunch Talks Online

Lunch Talks take place predominantly during the summer term. For the info input we focus on aspects of academic careers and their framework conditions. You’ll bet getting important information in short sessions, establish connections to contact people at the university of Freiburg and beyond. For our current offers during the summer term, please visit our website.


Coffee and Career

Coffee and Career serves as a format to give you some input on topics circling around applications and it provides an opportunity for you to get in touch with other researchers and scientists.


Career Talks / Career Lounge

We invite experts from research/science and economy to so-called Career Talks to present their own career paths and talk about their work life. The participants have the opportunity to get to know different career paths and to ask the experts questions. This exchange can initiate first professional connections to companies or other institutions and existing networks can be extended. Please find our current events here.


SciNet - Network for Young Scientists and Academics

We also like to draw your attention to SciNet, a Network for Young Scientists and Academics at the University of Freiburg that was established in 2011 with the support of the university’s rectorate. The network is aimed at young, independent researchers in their postdoctoral phase working at Freiburg university and striving for a career in academia .